Good Customer Service Skills – it will mean sales

If you are an on-line business or bricks and mortar store, good customer service skills can mean all the difference when closing a

good customer service skills


Building a good rapport  with customers can also mean that they will be back!  I came across a great reminder of  good customer service skillsin an article written by Lisa Marie as a guest post on Lisa Marie shares 5 key points, 1 of which I have reproduced below.

Good Customer Service Skills – it will mean sales

3. Be An Expert In Your Business.

Know your industry and your products, inside out and backwards. Be able to field any questions or concerns your potential customers may have. If you don’t have an answer, research and get back to the customer.  Your job is to present the facts and steer them towards a buying decision. If they ask for your opinion, you can give it; but remember, the customer is in charge. Always make them feel that way.Read more here


Really listening to you customer and knowing your product(s)  is where I have made sales that I could have otherwise lost, even as recently as today.  After showing the customer a few styles, which were ok but not really what was wanted,  it looked like it was over. Then I remembered a style that I did not have on display as  I had sold the display  item & had forgotten to bring out a replacement. So I quickly found it and yes,  the eyes of the customer lit up, that was it. Sounds a little corny, but it was listening and product knowledge that turned  the sale around.

Here’s another example, it’s moving into winter here, and it rains a lot here.  I run a children’s shoe store, so when a customer comes in & explains what they are looking for, one of the first things I ask is ‘are you worried about water resistance’. Many times I have been thanked for pointing out something that is quite basic considering the environment we live in.

Getting back to the article, be sure to read the comments as a couple of interesting points on good customer service skills have come through. Namely, ‘don’t take it personally’ when customers criticize, try to take a step back, as owners of our businesses it’s so easy to become clouded by the words. Also, don’t be taken advantage of, I have had customers who’s demands are unreasonable, and judging by the comments, others have have these problems as well.

For more check out the full article here




  1. Stacey says:

    The point you make which I love the most is when you say you are asking a basic question that your customers appreciate. While it’s basic to you because you work with shoes daily, as a consumer that wouldn’t be my first thought either. So kudos to you for sharing your story and helping us other biz owners pay attention to what we think is obvious.

  2. Great points and not corny at all. Just today I also mentioned something to a client where they responded “I would have never thought of that!” Sometimes we don’t realize the value of our expertise! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Peter Gehr says:

    Customer service is such a needy sector of businesses. Having an unskilled front of desk rep can lose you business. These tips are excellent. Great post.


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