small business start up success – find solutions to existing problems (video)

Small business start up is plain hard work. If you are wanting inspiration and ideas here’s 2 videos from Backblaze, a company specialising in having customers back up their data onto the Blackblaze system.  There are a many great points that I took away from  the videos and  I am sure that if you are in the start up or planning stage of a business you will find helpful as well. My opinions will be different  from yours, as each of us will pick up on different ‘aahaa’ moments.

The videos are  4 & 3 mins. respectively

Here are my take aways:

1 – recognize a need –  96% of computer owners do not not back up their data regularly

2 – keep it simple – simple pricing option just do ‘everthing’

3 – business start up is hard, many owners do not take a salary for years

4 – little things that can be forgotten even a on/off switch

5 – most start ups require owners to take a high risk with investing their savings

6 – look at  and review all options – built their own storage system


part 2

What did you find helpful from the videos? We can learn from both small business start up successes as well as failures, it’s great to report on a success!



  1. My daughter told me today she’d like to run a B&B or restaurant – I told her she’d better have deep pockets first! Many people romanticize the small business start up. It’s hard work!

    • Amanda says:

      I have a friend who has a B&B & its more of a lifestyle than a full time business, you need to have a neiche, something that sets your B&B apart from the others. In my city restaurants come and go regularly, and it’s hard work and unsocial hours, but those that make it work do really well. Experience in at least 1 facet of the hospitality trade is a must (chef, front of house, bar) and then reliance on staff is huge.

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