Recognizing and dealing with stress and burnout – help for small business owners

Are you stressed or suffering from business burnout? Maybe you have not yet got to the point of recognizing the problem. I came across an article by Bob Dahms on dealing  these issues which I have just got to share. Just like millions of small business owners around the world I thought I was coping ok with doing ‘everything’ in my business, but now can see how easy it is to fall into the trap that will result in business burnout. The link to the article is below, please read through to the end which deals with recognizing  and some tips of dealing with stress in business.

recognizing and dealing with stress

recognizing and dealing with stress

Don’t leave it too late, recognizing and dealing with stress and burnout is important for you, your family and friends.



  1. Romy Macias says:

    I’m always looking to have balance with my life and work. And sometimes as the article notes, I don’t notice before I’m in above my head. But I somehow always come back to balance.
    Thanks for sharing this article,

  2. Peter Gehr says:

    So easy to lose focus with a small business. Great tips on how to keep things alive and moving.

  3. Thanks for alerting us to this important issue.I go thru short periods that are stressful, but I never let it get to the point of burnout. Trying to do everything is definitely a trap that must be avoided.

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