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There is allot of misinformation for us small business owners on SEO for small business websites. If you are like me and are self taught and a DIYer when

seo for small business websites

SEO for small business websites

it comes to setting up your business website and social media, you will have been aware of the multitude of internet gurus touting their products. Many state that they can guarantee your business to be at the top of the Google search engine results for your chosen (keyword) terms.

I’ve even had some phone calls to my shop asking if I would like to be on the top of the google results. Now, if they had ¬†looked at my (shop) website and knew what my market is, then they wouldn’t have rung. I am quite happy to be were I’m at for now, I working on it. My niche, like yours, is quite competitive and I’m about number 4 for the country on kids shoes. Remember though that we have only 4.4 million in the country, so I guess that would be like being in the top 4 of Sydney, that’s not so bad. And on a local level, in my city I’m No. 1, but then I am the only specialist kids shoe store ;) .

Now these SEO experts can get results, though some are temporary by using bad methods, they can optimise your site to get ranked higher in Google. Many have a great amount of knowledge built up over a long period of time, so they can be worth the cost.

However, you can also DIY it. I have found this video produced by Google, which gives a 10 minute ‘cheat sheet’ on the best methods for SEO. After all this is straight from the horse’s mouth so if you are just starting out it is worth a watch. Alternatively want to make sure that your doing the right thing… watch on….


SEO for small business websites



I would love to hear any tips or tricks that have worked for your SEO for small business websites.


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  1. D C Rona says:

    WONDERFUL! Thank you for wading through all of the ‘stuff’ the guru’s are hyping and finding such a good and truly authoritative video!

  2. Great post and I’m sure I any small business can use some of these tips.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. What worked for me is finding breaking news in my niche and jumping on it quickly. If there’s ever a hot news topic in your niche – drop everything and write a blog post! I learned it by accident, but have reused the concept purposefully.

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