How to get an advertising ROI on Social Media by using ‘word of mouth’

I’ve just come across a course/ system that  promises to actually give your business an ROI  on social media ( return on investment), specifically Facebook. While I have yet start using the system ( it’s not open for sale till next week) I have been impressed by the pitch.  Probably like you I have become more cynical on all forms of advertising and over-hyped press on social media driving business too my store. I’m sick of wasting money!


UPDATE: Smash it Social (Review Engine ROI) Is now up and running, and I am following the course with great results, click on the ads for more info. Click here for my next post.



And here what really works in my experience, ‘word of mouth’. The majority of my new customers that come into my store have been referred by their friends, family and acquaintances. And what’s even better they BUY. They come in knowing that my products are quality and therefore cost more, so they are prepared.

While, I have not have  any personal experience with reviews on say, yelp or google. They have not been so common in my little city as say in the States, (though I  have seen  an increase lately). In my reading and research I have found that reviews are a significant driver for local new business.  It seems as though people trust reviews more than advertising, I wonder why…..

So here’s what I like about this new system. It combines Facebook with reviews. The reviews then are pushed out to friends of the reviewers….


It’s ‘word of mouth’ on auto pilot


Have a look at the sales pitch to see what  I mean :)


I would really be interested in hearing your experiences with social media. For the amount of effort and time involved, have you achieved a ROI? Have you new customer or clients, and has this resulted in repeat business? Are your fans on Facebook engaging with your brand and does this engagement actually mean SALES? My gut (unproven) feeling is that there are some industries/businesses that do well with selling via social media, by two way communication with their fans, and there are others that don’t……..Reviews though are ‘word of mouth’  via the written word ….


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  1. Kathy says:

    Excellent post once again! Thanks for your continued help with small business.

  2. I’ve also seen this product, and while I don’t find it useful for my design business (where I just work with a handful of clients), it does sound like it should be effective for most businesses. I think it does have a guarantee, so it’s worth a try.


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