Smash it Social – the Rundown

You are busy, I get it  

Here is the rundown


You want to know how Fan Reviews work and what is does in detail and how it can help your business attract new customers by using viral word of mouth

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You Want to know the Price

Pricing to change to $US69.00  monthly fee includes access to the App, full training, general Facebook info, how to run Facebook Contests, weekly question/knowledge calls……( $4.95 trial for 2 weeks)

Is there a Guarantee?

30 days money back

My review and notes on the program

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To see the application on my small business (kids shoe shop) website

click here  and click on fan reviews

Can I set it up myself?

yes, there are hours of training sessions if you are a DIYer

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Attracting new customers by viral word of mouth – Smash it Social

In previous posts I have commented on word of mouth being the primary reason new customers walk into my kids shoe store. Friends and family members have mentioned my products and services at informal get together’s such as friends catching up, coffee mornings, family gatherings. And yet I still have persisted in paying for print and radio advertising with no discernible result.

Now I am a DIYer in my business, a one woman band if you like. I have set up my own website, based on a free template, as well as my business Facebook page, my twitter account and YouTube channel. All on a shoe string budget, but there comes  a point where paying further help is necessary. If nothing else I look at it as paying for the time I can spend on other business matters. Yes you can research to your hearts content on the internet for free information, but the cost is time.

So when I found out about Review Engine ROI I immediately could see the benefits of the system. Having a review tab on my Facebook page, that pushes out customer reviews to friends and family, providing what I like to call ‘word of mouth on overdrive’.

for my first post on Smash it Social (Review Engine ROI) click here

So I purchased the system. While I knew that I was a review system that linked to my facebook page, I have been surprized to find out that the system is actually a ‘course’.  And even more happy that the course was relevant and useful. I have dabbled in Facebook and thought I knew a fair bit, but under Nick Unsworth’s tutoring I have learnt new tips and tricks. ;)

I quickly came to the conclusion that Nick’s methods on how to use the system effectively and quickly are well thought out and  will give the best results. I have followed the formula and have received reviews on my business Facebook page. These have had a 2 pronged effect on me and my business.

Firstly when  each review is posted the ‘friends’ of the reviewer see what has been written on their timelines. What better way to build up trust in a brand or business is there than to see a review from people you know.

Secondly, the reviews have a had a personal effect on me.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day running of your business,  dealing with customers, trying to go the extra mile and providing quality service, that we forget the effect we have on our customers. So it has been lovely to read the comments in the reviews. How I’m actually making an impact!

So is it working?… yes it is. From my insights I can see an  increase in  ’reach’. From a steady 400-500 people to 800-900 in the 2 weeks that I have been running the review program.  At first I was scared about asking customers for reviews, so following the system I am running a little competition  (a draw with  a gift voucher prize) and my customers have been happy to oblige. I will run another draw in a few months in order to take advantage of  the Christmas shopping season.  I feel I am on my way to using social media to get a ROI,  new customers and more sales.

If you would like to find out more,  click here. There is no risk in buying as the comprehensive system is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.