Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention and Increase your Bottom Line

It sounds easy doesn’t  it, increase customer loyalty and retention and increase your bottom line. How does the bottom line increase? Well selling to returning customers

With customer loyalty, the bottom line goes up!

costs less, they know your brand, your products, your service, and I have noted from experience that they can make decisions quicker, requiring less salesperson time. And people love to talk, your most efficient type of advertising is word of mouth, so keep your customers happy and increase customer loyalty and retention and increase your bottom line. Here’s 2 great tips on how to achieve this  from an article titled ‘How To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More’

Increase customer loyalty and retention and increase your bottom line

Think Long Term Loyalty – You think today’s customer is tough?  The customer of the future will have a shorter attention span, and even faster mobile access to post feedback and collect information.  Imagine a customer simply saying into their phone “this place has bad service and high prices”…then having that voice note posted and a recommendation engine throwing back new suggestions.   How do you overcome this fast feedback loop?  By building long term brand loyalty so [Read more...]


Facebook for business tip – customer service includes responding to commenters

Engage with customers on your facebook fanpages

Engage with fans on facebook, it's good customer service

If your a business owner with a facebook fanpage here’s a facebook for business tip, don’t forget to engage with those that post comments on your facebook business page, it’s a customer service issue. According to Emil Protalinski in an article from “Retailers have rushed to establish a presence on Facebook with their own Page, in the hopes of building a larger social following. When it comes to customer service, however, it turns out retailers aren’t treating Facebook users so well. In fact, some retailers are going so far as to regularly deleting questions posted on their Facebook Pages.”

In the article Emil, further reports  on a STELLA Service test on how some business reacted to comments to their facebook pages, The results showed how businesses ignored the comments and even worst deleted some. From a customers service perspective this could be harmful to business growth and customer loyalty, hence this facebook for business tip. [Read more...]