How to grow your business into a market leader – personal motivation from a master

This is 8 minutes that may change your business life. If you are wanting to know how to  grow your business into a market leader, you must start with the basics, build a solid foundation and, sorry to say, getting policies and procedures in place. Sounding too corporate? don’t worry, you can put your own spin on it. This short video featuring Michael Gerber, the author of E-Myth Mastery and others, although recorded in 2009 will never date. Check it out, that is if you have the vision and need to know how to grow your business into a market leader. Michael gives that personal motivation and development that will help you get there.

How to grow your business into a market leader

 video source: Innovators Forum

Inspiring? Michael sure knows how to motivate.  Now that’s where to start in knowing how to grow your business into a market leader. A solid foundation, it’s all in the fundamentals, get them right, listen and understand your market and you can only go forwards and upward.

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Small Business Growth from the use of Social Media

We hear everyday of how we can get small business growth from the use of social

Small business growth from the use of social media

you can get small business growth from social media

media, and most of us consider it  free to use.  Jeremy Morgan, senior vice president of marketing and consumer insights of Smashburger says ”The common misconception about social media is that it’s free, Facebook and Twitter are free, but for small-business owners in particular, time comes at a premium.” Smashburger has gone from 3 locations in Denver, USA in 2007 to 150 USA wide, mainly  the owners attribute this small business growth from the use of social media.  So the warning here is to be careful to use your time wisely, it may be prudent to pay a consultant to get the best from whichever social media channels you use for your business.Laura Petrecca, from USA TODAY reports on the Smashburger example below.

 Small Business Growth from the use of Social Media

Smashburger offers coupons and trivia contests for its 67,000 Facebook followers, replies to questions and complaints on its Twitter and Facebook profiles, and actively reaches out to bloggers who might write about the new Smashburger restaurants opening in their areas.

“The brand was really built on social media and PR strategies,” says Jeremy Morgan, senior vice president of marketing and consumer insights. “Social media is an opportunity for us to engage with consumers and have a conversation, which is different than paid media, when you’re just shouting through a bullhorn.”

Wielded wisely, social media can help a growing business boost brand awareness, improve customer relations, garner market research, even bolster sales. As the number of people using social media rises, marketing experts say it’s essential for even the smallest of companies to consider diving in.

“Everybody should take a look at it,” says Dan Galbraith, owner of marketing support company Solutionist and a National Small Business Association board member.

“Whether they chose to jump into social media or not is a question that only they can answer,” he says, but all firms should at least explore how social media could work for them.

It just takes a few clicks to potentiality connect with thousands of business contacts and customers, he says. In addition to networking, business owners can use social media to glean useful insights by reading comments made by customers, industry experts, even competitors.

Don’t think that you have to use coupons to get traffic, what to do is only limited by your imagination, here’s another tip, though adapt for your market.

 They post customer recipes on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, offer trivia contests and T-shirt give-aways, and answer questions on how to buy, store and serve the cheese.


And how often do you need to post on social media

While marketing experts advocate joining the social-media conversation, most say that doing it poorly — such as combining personal and professional updates or not posting information consistently — is worse than not doing it at all…..

….She first suggests that business owners “baby step it out,” to see what feels comfortable to them and is do-able. Those who can’t contribute on a daily basis might want to hold off on creating a public profile.

I’m not so sure about having to post everyday, mainly my concern is that my followers will get sick of what I have to say. I know that I certainly don’t read all of what comes up on my personal facebook page, so others might be the same. My view is that quality rates higher than quantity. But that doesn’t mean I’m right :)

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