Does your small business need a mobile friendly website?

Does your small business need a mobile friendly website? You are probably aware of the issues faced by

does your small business need a  mobile friendly website

Could your website on a mobile device be deterring customers?

iphone and smartphone users. How having to scroll and pinch the screen to try and read the website just causes frustration for what could be an important part of your customer base. But are you aware of how big the numbers actually are? How much business could you be missing out on? So does your small business need a mobile friendly website?

 In an article I read recently  gives us the numbers from a 2011mobile search study:

  • People used mobile search at home in the evening (81%) than any other time or places more frequently than anywhere else (81%), followed by at home on weekends (80%).
  • 66% use mobile search while while watching TV, something which should get advertisers thinking, while 61% said they use it at work.
  • 75% said mobile search makes their lives easier, 63% said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information, and 32% said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers. [Read more...]

Tips for good small business web design

I’ve come  across a great article on tips for good small business web design.  Written by  Craig Reardon from  Smart Company there 6 are factors to consider when developing, or having someone develop for you, your small business website. And why are these tips for good small business web design important?  Here’s Craig’s view:

It’s a well-known fact that smaller businesses are far more susceptible to costs arising from poor web design than their

Tips for good small business web design

Tips for good small business web design

deeper-pocketed competitors.

Because if an issue does arise with their website, unlike larger business, they are less likely to have either the financial power to overcome the issue or the time taken to properly research and manage a solution to it.

As a result, many smaller business operators “put up” with a dated or ineffective website simply because they can’t afford the time or money to rectify it. You only need to conduct a search of a smaller business category to witness the number of sites that fit this description.


Tips for good small business web design

Basically the 6 factors ( in summary ) are:

    • Presentation, yes how a website looks is important to get readers engaged, but……
    • Communication. Its the content , which keep users on the site
    • Techinal features. How easy is it to move around the site.
    • Usability, both for customers and website administrators
    • Maintainability. Is the website administrator able to make changes quickly and easily to keep the site looking up to date
    • Scalability. Growth is an important aspect of  most small businesses, and websites need to be able to grow with the business. This could be the addition of new features etc.
I think one factor overlooked by many small business owners is scalability. Craig puts it well here:

A scalable (or extensible) website platform will save you a very considerable sum on the technology features you will require as your requirements and visitor demands grow.

A good web professional will build or provide your website in a way to be able to add new features very affordably as you need them. But others might conveniently neglect this capability and charge what can be large amounts to add them “after the fact”.

Of the six website attributes, this is the one that will keep your website affordable as your needs grow and avoid the issues raised above.

So when you are looking to hire a web professional, make sure you check their track record with all of these six attributes and not just the one that can make your website look good. To view the full post click here

Have you previously considered the factors outlined  in our tips for good small business web design? Or have you had any issues with websites that have not lived up to your expectations or any more to add we would love to here your stories.