Small Business Book Review – Specialty Shop Retailing: How to run your own store

Are you just starting a retail business? Whether in specialty retail or not, here is an excellent small business book .

Specialty Shop Retailing: Everything You Need to Know to Run Your Own Store

If, like me you knew ‘what’ you wanted to do but need guidance on the ‘how’ to it this could be a useful resource. With 15 chapters and 400 pages  cramed full of information such as managing your stores finances, store design, merchandising, whats involved in leasing a store, dealing with employees, customer service this list seams to go on and on.

By the above you can see that this book has great breadth of subjects, so the target audience is those about to start or are new to business. You can use this book as a pick up, put down reference, searching on the topics from the clearly defined content pages as you want to know more or from cover to cover. As with most learning, re reading the chapters or subchapters at a later date will add another layer to what you have already learnt and retained.

For those that require a higher more detailed level of business advice this small business book  on starting a retail business may not be  for you.

This book will answer many of your questions when you first start up in business, to find out more on this small business book on Specialty Shop Retailing click  the link below to find it on Amazon. Read a chapter, view the contents page to see if it’s right for you.

small business speciality retailing

Another great book for small business owner, Small Business for Dummies. Make sure you get the latest version