One Small Business Step – Reducing our Environmental Impact

Going green has gone from being a ‘hippy’ movement to mainstream in the last 2o years, at least it has in my small

Reducing the small business environment impact

Reducing the small business environment impact

country at the bottom of the South Pacific. Business are becoming more and more focused on reducing their environment impact and carbon footprint.

I came across this article today  and wanted to share some quick tips that any small business can use to reduce their impact and then if another follows this step, and then another one, and then another one, we end up… well you get the idea… with a Giant Leap.

Here’s a taste:

Beyond carbon footprints, there are many other things businesses can do to minimize their environmental impacts. The nonprofit Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that, first and foremost, businesses should shift the paper paradigm—the average office tosses out about 350 pounds of paper per year per employee. “Reducing your waste and purchasing paper with post-consumer recycled content can help save trees and nudge the pulp and paper industry, one of the most environmentally destructive industries in the world, toward a less damaging path,” NRDC reports. Some easy ways to do this include: setting printers to use both sides of a page (or designating a “draft tray” filled with paper that’s blank on one side); buying copy paper with a 30 percent or more post-consumer recycled content; collecting used paper separately for recycling; and stocking bathrooms with post-consumer recycled tissue products. source

Has your company taken any steps to reduce it’s environmental impact? or any great ideas that you would love to share? Let us know so we can also share it with our readers.


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