small business start up success – find solutions to existing problems (video)

Small business start up is plain hard work. If you are wanting inspiration and ideas here’s 2 videos from Backblaze, a company specialising in having customers back up their data onto the Blackblaze system.  There are a many great points that I took away from  the videos and  I am sure that if you are in the start up or planning stage of a business you will find helpful as well. My opinions will be different  from yours, as each of us will pick up on different ‘aahaa’ moments.

The videos are  4 & 3 mins. respectively

Here are my take aways:

1 – recognize a need –  96% of computer owners do not not back up their data regularly

2 – keep it simple – simple pricing option just do ‘everthing’

3 – business start up is hard, many owners do not take a salary for years

4 – little things that can be forgotten even a on/off switch

5 – most start ups require owners to take a high risk with investing their savings

6 – look at  and review all options – built their own storage system


part 2

What did you find helpful from the videos? We can learn from both small business start up successes as well as failures, it’s great to report on a success!