A case for not having a mobile friendly website

Here’s something going against popular opinion. I would like to put a case forward for NOT having a mobile friendly website. This has come about

does your small business need a mobile friendly website

Could your website on a mobile device be deterring customers?

from reading yet  another article on how small businesses  are missing out by not having a mobile friendly website. While it is undisputed that mobile searches are rising, having happy visitors to your site, to either a mobile site or full site when searching on a mobile device, is not mutually exclusive. Many searchers can and will have a good experience on a website that is not specifically designed for a mobile device. But, this comes with a caution, always consider the needs and requirements of your visitors.

A case for not having a mobile friendly website

I have a shoe store ( mainly children’s') and have set up a mobile website. If searching on a mobile phone, visitors was redirected to my mobile site.  As I was unable to have all my (over 500 ) styles of shoes on the mobile site, the site had my location, phone number & address and  a tappable link to get back to my ‘full site’.

On studying my google analytics  I found that:

  •  In December 2011 most of my searchers on a mobile device where looking  for a particular brand or style of shoe
  • They were redirected to my mobile friendly site
  • They would then have to click on the link to be taken to the full site to complete the search
  • 8.14% of visitors to my site were from mobile devices
  • the bounce rate for mobiles was 50%, while non mobile vistors bounced 44%

I turned off the redirection to the mobile site as I felt that searchers were looking for products, not simply my location and/or phone number

Here’s the latest data

  • In April 2012 35.63% of visitors on mobile devices, while 39.62% of non mobile visitors bounced
  • 13.85% of my traffic is from mobile devices.


While there are many factors to take into account, the above findings have reinforced to me that my visitors are looking for shoes by style, brand etc and need to be able to view the products easily and quickly. Mobile traffic is indeed increasing but my traffic is happier the way my site is now. Though if you do go to my website Foot Forward Shoes there is room for improvement.  I need to work on making my address, google map location, phone number and opening hours  easier to find ( best practice for websites 101)

Now this is in reference to  my retail store, for searchers looking for a local dentist, restaurant, doctor, plumber their needs will differ. They would more than likely require what is considered best practice in mobile sites as described above namely; map, address, phone number etc with tappable buttons suitable for larger fingers (my mobile site)


Before running out setting up or paying for a mobile site for your business, have a good think about searchers are looking for in terms of  your business. Do not  just accept that a mobile friendly website is  a necessity and you are behind the times if you don’t have one. It’s your users that the website is designed for, their needs are paramount.


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