The Small Business Dilemma – how to clear Surplus Stock

Yes it’s a dilemma faced by all retailing or wholesaling  businesses,  how to clear surplus stock. Auction sites such as ebay, listing sites such as craigslist and the likes has helped with connecting sellers with buyers, but there are thousands of sellers offering similar products to just as many buyers, For new items ( not second hand or used), were the condition of the goods is not an issue, it boils down to price and maybe location. How does your product stand out in a crowded marketplace and how far are you willing to lower the price?


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Maybe location can be a factor in the decision. In today’s society it’s all about now and fast. If a potential customer is looking for an item surely if it is available  within a short space of time, as in minutes rather than days, would this influence the buyers decision?. The answer is more than likely.

Our course the next issue is how to connect the buyers to your store. Well, here just maybe the answer to how to clear surplus stock.

A new  web and mobile device based service that connects local buyers and sellers called Zaarly.

From Zaarly’s You Tube channel

Zaarly is a location based, real-time buyer powered market. Zaarly helps you to buy and sell from people around you. You get What You Want, When You Want It.


This short video clip will give you more of an idea of what it is and how it works



Now, I do not advocate discounting as a pricing strategy for any business, especially those operating in niche markets. There are times when it is necessary to clear surplus stock  and this might be another tool. I also suspect that this will not clear large quantities.

As  an added bonus, use this system to educate the buyer on the benefits of shopping at your store, Get them on your email list, ask them to like you on facebook. You never know  you might have gained a new customer.


UPDATE:try your own daily deal site, click here for more info

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