Visuals have become an important part of a Social Media Strategy

With pinterest on the up and up in terms of users and content, visuals have become an even more important part of a small business social media strategy. Here’s 20 reasons why visuals are important sourced from Jason Cassidy as reported on

Why  visuals are an important part of a social media strategy

  1. Visuals are simple and easy to understand

    small business help - visuals are important part of a social media strategy

    Social media strategy - visuals are important

  2. They can tell a story
  3. They can quickly convey a message
  4. They can grab an audience
  5. Visuals can be used to invite an audience to join in
  6. They strengthen your brand identity
  7. They have the ability to show emotion
  8. They build trust with your community
  9. They personalize your brand
  10. They can convey emotion
  11. They are sharable
  12. They easily work on multiple social channels (Pinterest, anyone?)
  13. They can save you 1,000 words
  14. They can affect purchasing habits
  15. They can explain dense concepts
  16. They can summarize multiple viewpoints
  17. They can reiterate an existing concept
  18. They can promote your brand, product or service
  19. They can showcase key data/trends
  20. They can resonate with your community
So get with the pictures as part of your social media strategy, though be very careful to use non copyrighted material. Also look into branding or watermarking your images in order to protect your rights when images are shared.





  1. Kathy H says:

    Some very helpful information. Love checking your posts! Thanks

  2. D C Rona says:

    Seems to be the next most important phase of business – the visual. Is this because we are seeing too much all day and need it to be made into something that catches the eye in microseconds? Text and context seem to be loosing out.

  3. Romy Macias says:

    Great post. I still have to conquer Pinterest!
    It will be a great tool to help promote my site.
    Thanks for the list of reasons to go a learn to set up my Boards,

  4. LuLu says:

    Appreciate this info about visuals in social media – thanks for sharing!

  5. Peter Gehr says:

    Great reminder of the importance of images. Thanks!


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